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ALong article on Corzine

This is a very long article, but worth the read. Sometimes I'm not sure if the author likes Corzine or not, by the way he words things. Anyway, here are a few of the passages that most intrigued me.

"Though Forrester is not thought to be a particularly formidable opponent, the Republican National Committee has the resources—and, many believe, the will—to make the race a difficult one for Corzine. “They haven’t done much at all yet,” says one Democratic Party leader. “The big question is what their strategy will be. Do they come here and go district by district registering voters and getting them out on Election Day like they did in Ohio? Do they pump money into the campaign through the 527s like they did with the Swift Boat stuff? In other words, do they really decide to play hardball? If they do, the election could end up too close to call. If they don’t, Corzine wins by five points.”

Wow - only 5 points?


"I’m 58 now,” he says, “and I’m the last person on every committee I sit on. I’d have to stay in Washington until I’m 80 to be a committee chairman.”


"To fight the corruption that plagues New Jersey politics, Corzine has said he will relinquish some of the governor’s power by appointing an independent state comptroller to scrutinize all state contracts. His overall plan on the policy front can be described in one broad stroke: Make New Jersey more affordable. Specifically, he talks about health insurance, education, and property taxes.

This plan is actually a reflection of his core belief, which drives his behavior in the Senate as well. As one of his aides put it to me, Corzine is committed to “universal access.” That is, universal access to the American Dream—meaning everyone is entitled to education, health care, housing, and a decent wage. It is a basic philosophy that has consistently ranked him as one of the Senate’s most liberal members.

The people closest to him say he has talked openly about wanting to run for the White House. He denies it. “I’m not trying to build toward something bigger, toward higher political office,” he says. He doesn’t, however, deny being ambitious"

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